Admission Facility

Best Mental Health inpatient Admission Facilities:
If you are searching for the best mental health hospital in Lahore for the admission of mental
illness patients to get psychiatric facilities. Then the good news is, Dr. Abdul Haleem is
providing the best admission facilities to mental illness patients in Psycare Hospital (Johar
Town) and Bright way clinic (Sultan Town), Mental Hospitals.
With your trust in us and raising demand by you, we are focusing on two hospitals for
psychiatric admissions here; one is Psycare Hospital and another is Bright Way Clinic. Both
offer great treatment for mental illness conditions. They both provide therapy, medications,
rehabilitation, detoxification, and many other treatments. However, only one of these two will
make you feel comfortable and safe while receiving treatment.
When Psychiatric Admissions are necessary?
Psychiatric admissions can occur when someone experiences an acute episode of severe
depression or other mental health issues. It may happen if you experience symptoms like extreme
sadness, loss of interest in activities, thoughts of suicide, self-harm, or even hallucinations. You
may feel anxious, irritable, or angry. These feelings may last for weeks or months. If these
symptoms continue, you may need to see a psychiatric hospital.
Why People Trust Us
The main aim of this hospital is to provide complete treatment for mental health illness. This
includes diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. All the doctors working in this hospital are welltrained and qualified. They are very professional and dedicated to serving psychiatric patients.
They understand the importance of treating mental illness conditions and they do it with utmost
psychiatric care.
Dr. Abdul Haleem has been serving the community for 10 years now. He has treated thousands
of patients suffering from various mental health conditions. His mental health professionals team
consists of highly skilled and experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers,
and counselors. The team is providing the best mental health services.
Dr. Abdul Haleem is not just a doctor but he is also a person who cares about his patients. He
listens to them carefully and takes every step to improve their condition. He understands what
makes each patient unique and treats him accordingly.
Why We Are?
We have a strong belief that people should be treated as individuals. Therefore, we take time to
listen to our patients and find out what makes them tick. We then treat them according to their
needs. Our goal is to help them recover completely and live happy life.
Our Services Makes us Different:
• Diagnosis: We diagnose all types of mental illness conditions including depressive disorder,
Anxiety Disorder, bipolar, Psychotic disorders, etc.
• Treatment: We provide treatment for all kinds of mental health conditions such as mood
disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, etc.
• Rehabilitation: We provide rehabilitation services for those who need it.
• Detoxification: We provide detoxification services for those who need to get rid of any drug
• Counseling: We provide counseling services for those who want to talk about their problems
or seek advice.
• Family Therapy: We provide family therapy for those who need it to cope up with their loved
• Medication: We provide medication for those who need it for better treatment.
• Home Care: We provide home care psychiatric services for those who cannot come to the
hospital due to some reason.
• Aftercare: We provide aftercare services for those who need support after getting discharged
from the hospital.
• Admission Facility: We provide psychiatric admission facility for those who need to stay at
the hospital for a longer period of time.
• Emergency Service: We provide emergency service for those who need immediate medical
Our inpatient services:
• Best treatment for mental health conditions
• Well-equipped facilities
• Highly trained and experienced doctors
• Friendly atmosphere / Patient Care
• 24/7 emergency psychiatric service
• Sports and Exercise Facilities
• Clean and comfortable rooms
• Specialized treatment for children
• High-quality medicines
• Competitive price plan
• Convenient location & Psychiatric Care
• Safe and secure environment
Psycare Hospital and Bright Way Clinics are Mental Health Hospital and these are the best
hospitals in Pakistan which provides quality treatment for mental health conditions. These are
located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. These are established by Dr. Abdul Haleem. These are
private hospitals offering affordable and high-quality treatment for mental health conditions.
Both Hospitals have modern diagnostic tools and advanced technology. They offer highly
qualified staff, well-trained physicians, and dedicated nurses.